Improve your Indirect Procurement Operation
Optimize Spend and Increase Internal Satisfaction

It has become more important than ever to strategically manage indirect spend. Indirect procurement organizations are under increasing pressure to balance quality, cost and risk. Using the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard as the foundation of our work, we will help you improve all facets of your operation so you can become a trusted advisor to your internal stakeholders.

Our consulting services include:

Benchmark Assessment and Performance Improvement
  • We will assess critical components of your indirect procurement operation compared to industry best practices and the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard. The scope is tailored to your needs and can range from one specific area to all 28 items of the Standard. Our experts provide detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement and we can then work side-by-side with you to implement plans to address the most important opportunities
Indirect Procurement Spend Analysis and Optimization
  • We will work with your indirect procurement organization and internal stakeholders to identify and catalog current spend by business unit, supplier, category and commodity. From this analysis, we will provide a roadmap for optimizing your supplier base and spend.
Stakeholder / Supplier Satisfaction Assessments
  • Working with your indirect procurement organization, internal stakeholders and key suppliers, we will help you develop effective feedback mechanisms to solicit, evaluate and effectively respond to input received. This includes recommendations on how best to optimize your interfaces with these groups.
Sourcing Strategy and Support
  • A well-designed sourcing strategy is critical for optimizing spend and increasing satisfaction. We will work with you to develop a best-in-class RFX and related documents, train your staff, and support you in evaluating key suppliers, including site visits if required.

Regardless of your needs, you can count on the IndirectPro consulting team to get to the heart of the issues quickly and give you an improvement plan that produces immediate and sustained results.  We will also ensure that your staff is trained so improvements continue long after our consulting project is completed.

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