Validate the Performance and Effectiveness of Your Procurement Operation Through Certification 

Certification to the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard is an objective and independent analysis of your indirect procurement operation, followed up with an action plan to improve performance.  The certification process is recommended for any indirect procurement organization with substantial amounts of indirect spend.

While the Standard is available free of charge and companies are  encouraged to use the framework for managing their operation, certification provides external validation that your organization is meeting or exceeding high-performance operational targets.

 Why Pursue Certification?

Achieving certification to the COPC IP Standard provides external validation that your organization is meeting or exceeding benchmark levels of performance, and:

  • Generates confidence that your organization is well run and performing optimally by meeting requirements of:
    • The adoption and consistent implementation of best practices for the strategic management of your indirect spend
    • Targets that are benchmarked against global high performing organizations
    • Consistent achievement of the majority of your entities’ targets and objectives
    • Corrective actions taken for underperforming areas of the operation
  • Provides an independent and objective assessment of current performance and processes compared to the requirements found in the most prestigious, robust, scalable and rigorous performance management system in the indirect procurement industry
  • Ensures you have processes that allow you to balance cost, quality and risk with:
    • Optimal supplier spend and better, more consistent supplier performance
    • Well-designed processes followed by well-trained staff for consistent execution
    • Clearly documented supplier agreements with performance requirements
    • Efficient organization with appropriate staffing levels
  • Produces higher levels of satisfaction among both internal customers and suppliers
How Do You Get Your Organization Certified? 

COPC Inc. has been conducting audits and certifying organizations to performance standards for over 20 years. As the co-developer of the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard, our experts work with you from the start to ensure your success.  Starting with an initial assessment, we identify gaps and develop a roadmap for you.  Then we work with you and your team to close those gaps, including dedicated structured support along the way led by a COPC Inc. expert. Then, when we mutually determine you are ready, we will come onsite to conduct the certification audit.

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Certification Examines Five Areas: