Strategically manage your indirect spend with better, more consistent supplier performance.


Become a trusted advisor to your internal customers and stakeholders.


Develop well-designed processes followed by highly trained staff.


Run an efficient operation with appropriate staffing levels and optimal costs.


IndirectProTM is a suite of services by COPC Inc.,
offering consulting, training and certification for the indirect procurement industry.
Our goal is to help you create efficient and high-performing procurement operations, providing indirect goods and services at an optimal value.


“The Right Way to Procure
Indirect Materials and Services”

by Sime Curkovic and Jayanth Jayaram

Indirect spend is often neglected within a procurement organization and can be performed by a variety of different departments. There are few well-defined processes and fewer outcome-based metrics for indirect procurement.
This article in Supply Chain Management Review addresses these points and discusses how and why the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard was created. The authors examine the drivers and challenges to guide strategic efforts toward indirect procurement success, and conclude with a set of key lessons learned.
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The COPC Indirect Procurement Standard:
A Performance Management System for Indirect Spend

The COPC Indirect Procurement Standard was developed specifically for indirect procurement operations,  providing well-defined processes and outcome-based metrics in five areas:  leadership and planning; business processes; support processes; people processes; and performance. By following the guidelines in the Standard, you will  create an efficient and high-performing operation, providing indirect goods and services at an optimal value, while balancing cost, quality and risk.



Get external validation that your organization is meeting benchmark levels of performance with well-designed and consistently executed processes by achieving certification to the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard.   



Learn best practices for strategically managing your indirect spend.  We offer a one-day executive review of the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard, and a four-day intensive training covering all areas of the Standard.



Improve supplier performance, optimize indirect spend  and increase internal satisfaction.  From spend analysis to customer/supplier satisfaction assessments and sourcing strategies, we will help you transform your procurement operation.

Podcast: Listen to Dr. Sime Curkovic
discuss the Indirect Procurement Standard

Dr. Curkovic, professor of supply chain management, Western Michigan University, shares the details of the COPC Indirect Procurement Standard, including the need, how it was developed and how it can be used.